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print from music stand

August 5, 2020
is there a way to print cord and lyric sheets from music stand
the perfect app but our pianist does not have a smart device and needs the cords printed. don't want to get everyone set up on something new as we really like Music stand. I believe the music stand by planning center has a print option
Posted by Heath
January 12, 2021
I would like this too. Not everyone has a tablet so being able to print from iOS would be excellent for printing sheet music or chord charts.
Posted by Nick
January 15, 2021
I agree. It could be enough to print it from the Worship Extreme Software. This has a printing feature. But I don't see or print the annotations I added to the sheets and can not see or print the sheet as seen on the tablet at all. I am confused about that.
Posted by Ralf
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