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Export Lyrics from WE

March 28, 2020

Could you please implement the ability to export lyric slides? Ideally to Powerpoint, but even to Google Slides, .png, .pdf, Keynote... Any kind of lyric export functionality would be better than none.

While the ability to export lyrics would be useful in many settings, one particular example is when someone is a guest worship leader in someone else's church or conference. The leader already has their lyrics ordered and arranged in Worship Extreme (maybe even combined with some slides or scripture), but it would be rude to ask the church's audiovisual team to download a whole new software just for your visit. Instead, the leader has to pass along their lyrics in an exported, sharing-friendly form.

Thank you in advance for considering this functionality,

Posted by Jasmine Dawn
May 16, 2020
This would be really useful for us for online church. At the moment I'm using a lower thirds template which I'm recording in OBS or Ecamm to overlay over our video of the song in Final Cut -- it means I have to listen along to the song and do all the button presses at the right time. If we could export a song as graphics that would save hassle and time because we could then just overlay the graphics at the right place in editing and get them perfectly aligned.
Posted by Andrew
June 11, 2020
this would also be useful for us because some churches asks us what software we use for lyrics projection,
and most of our songs are not it english, would be useful if I can share the software + my song database to others,
Posted by Jireh
October 1, 2020
A useful export feature to cvs would be especially helpful.
Posted by Pink
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