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Using Worship Extreme with Zoom

November 19, 2020
In these time of Covid19 lockdown, we and many churches need to use a sharing platform such as Zoom. However, whilst Zoom allows a 2nd, extended, screen to be shared it does not share the sound so is really of little use with Worship Extreme. I can use it by sharing the main screen but that has only a very small preview area. Do you have any plans to resolve this problem, can you suggest any alternative to Zoom and can you provide a much larger preview area?
Posted by Geoff
November 19, 2020
Most apps like zoom allow you to set the audio input source. Instead of choosing a microphone, you would choose the audio output of the computer. If that's not an option in Zoom, you may have to feed in the audio from an audio source into the computer.
Posted by Adam
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