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Importing .pptx without PowerPoint on Mac OS

March 17, 2021
I own a Mac Airbook Laptop but do not have PowerPoint installed. I get an error trying to import a .pptx file into Worship Extreme. The error message seems to indicate I need PowerPoint installed on my Mac in order to import the media. Is that true? I use my work laptop to prepare the .pptx but I can't install Workship Extreme on my work laptop. So I must upload the media from my Mac.

Must I install Power Point in order to upload .pptx files into Worship Extreme or is there a workaround that will allow it? It seems odd to have to have Power Point installed when I'm just trying to upload the file.

Thanks and God bless,
Posted by TFC
March 17, 2021
Hi Diana- Presenter creates thumbnails of each slide on import, that is why PowerPoint is needed on the machine.
Posted by Adam
April 18, 2021
I've just downloaded it for our church to use. I created the service at home on my Mac. I have word PowerPoint 2011. I was able to import powerpoints slides from my own media. Now when I tried to do the same for next Sunday, it said the same message. Must have PowerPoint. Which I do. So it's useless for our church. Before signing up to a package, I hoped there would be no errors and bugs. Can you help?
Posted by Shane
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