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PPT Quality Import

March 9, 2019
Image quality is degraded when using worship extreme to show PPTs. Including clear text, it becomes blurry and gains noise.

If there is a technical reason for this, then have a checkbox to enable us to have the high quality images shown.

There is a very large difference between displaying the same slides in PPT and showing those slides in Worship Extreme.
Posted by Breffni
March 12, 2019
Worship Extreme converts PowerPoint presentations to images when imported. You can set the presentation width/height inside PowerPoint, increasing this will cause a larger image to be created upon import.

If you are on Windows, you can use the "Launch with PowerPoint" button from the presentation cue to use PowerPoint to renter the slides. This will replicate the animations, transitions and quality from the original PowerPoint presentation.
Posted by Adam
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