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Possible to edit a song (order, text, etc) for one service but leave the default as is?

June 6, 2020
I am currently just looking at the software, wondering if it is possible when making a service order and you add a song, can you edit the song (maybe the worship leader is singing the chorus twice for example) but not change the original?
Another example to try to make this make sense: Is it possible to have a default song in the database that does not change, but when added to the service, the service one can be edited but the song in the database remains the same?
This would be useful when a worship leader only makes a couple of changes to a song that would only be used for that week, and never again? Or would I have to edit the song back to the normal way it is done every time a slight change is made each service?
Posted by Ryan
July 1, 2020
Yes, this is possible. Take a look at this doc:

The "Cue Order" option will be an order that is just for that one cue and will not affect the original.
Posted by Adam
July 3, 2020
Thanks for the reply! I do appreciate that the slide order can be changed per set, which is the solution to 99% of the problems that worship leaders give us, so that's great. However, once in a while they change a word or two, or move a couple of lines around, or mix lines from another song. Can the lyrics be changed in the scheduled song without changing the original song?
Posted by Ryan
July 4, 2020
If lyrics need to be changed, you'll want to create a new slide for that purpose, then only include that slide in the special order. Or duplicate the song.
Posted by Adam
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