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Google Slides with Videos from Google Drive

July 14, 2020
I built a Google Slides presentation which synced to Worship Extreme perfectly except for the videos. The videos were inserted into the Slides presentation from my Google Drive. I made sure that the church account tied to Worship Extreme had access to the video files via sharing the Google Drive folder, but when i went to present the Slides with the videos, the presentation screen was blank and I could see in the live preview window in WE that Google was requesting access to the video files. Is there a way to use videos from my Google Drive in Worship Extreme? I have no problems using embedded YouTube videos in Google Slides that are synced to WE.
Posted by Kevin
July 14, 2020
Hi Kevin- This is a known bug, unfortunately we can't fix it on the Worship Extreme side. But there is a work around. In the sharing settings for the video, change the permissions to "Anyone with a link". Then the video should play fine in Worship Extreme.
Posted by Adam
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