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NIV Bible Version

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By: Mary Latest post: October 13, 2017, 9:23am EDT
May 3, 2017
I'd love to have the New International Version of the bible available to use!
Posted by Morgan
June 18, 2017
Yes, I agree, the New International versions (NIV) would be a terrific addition to the functionality of the software. What are the chances of this being added?
Posted by Paul
June 29, 2017
I don't understand why they don't already have this. I thought it'd be a given to have on a Christian based software and all.
Posted by Sandy Beach
July 31, 2017
You can import any XML Bible as of version 4.16.0.  Click the settings gear in the top right, then "Settings".  Under "Bibles", click "Import Bible".

NIV can be downloaded from
Posted by Adam
July 31, 2017
Thank you for the information on the addition of additional bibles available as XML files. I have tested this and it works fine on a per machine basis. The disappointment is that each machine used in the church group has to conduct the same process of installing the files. It would be nice if the additional file could be also added to the information downloaded when the various machines start Worship Extreme so that you don't have to conduct the import on every machine.
Posted by Paul
October 13, 2017
Hello, when I try to import the Worship extreme gives an error "unable to read xml file. How can I fix this?
Posted by Mary
October 13, 2017
Hello Tony. The XML file is located inside the and to get that file you need to extract the file using the extract tool. after you save the file double click on it and use the extract option.

When you have the extracted XML file this will import as per the instructions above.
Posted by Paul
October 18, 2017
Hi Paul, thank you for this. I had some problems going the zip route but managed to find a xml script and pasted into Notepad and saved it to xml format. The import worked. I love Worship Extreme since we started using it. Is there any way we can lock a service once we are happy. I find it very easy to move folders etc. accidentally. Bless you
Posted by Kenny
December 7, 2018
I noticed that only one version of the NIV Bible is available. Is there a way to upload the latest edition, NIV 2011, to worship extreme?
Posted by James
June 13, 2019
Adam, I can't get that NIV link to work, it goes to an error page and when I download the zip, it doesn't list scripture or chapters, it's one big book not separated.
Posted by sandy
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