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Using PowerPoint to view presentation

August 9, 2019
When trying to view a PowerPoint presentation within a WE cue on a Windows PC, WE generates an error after it appears to try to open Powerpoint. The error message is:
Script: C:\Program Files\Worship Extreme\resources\app\api\launchPowerPoint.vbs
Line: 16
Char: 5
Error: SlideShowSettings.ShowType : Invalid request. Presentation cannot be modified.
Code: 80048240
Source: Microsoft PowerPoint

I can see the slides in WE, however the animations and transitions don't come over. How do I solve this error and get WE to use PowerPoint?
Posted by Tim
August 9, 2019
Hi Tim- Please send this error and your presentation over to and our team will take a look. Thanks!
Posted by Adam
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