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Mac Presenter playback interrupted.

March 28, 2021
We are using a Mac running Catalina. Today for the first time we tried to use a Zoom call during our live stream; I set up the Zoom call in advance of the service and made sure the participant was connected- there were other sound issues with the Zoom which aren't relevant here. Whilst preservice music (audio) was playing, it stopped unexpectedly a couple of times, and again during the opening song, a video, which stopped and had to be restarted. After the Zoom call, which was for a reading, had happened, I quite Zoom and all was well again and we had no further issues. But I have noticed that if another application on the Mac is either being used or is calling for attention (which I think Zoom was doing in the background), it can stop Presenter playing back. (I notice this when prepping the slides at home). It means that it's hard to use the WE computer as an admin console to do other service management- eg if I switch out of Presenter to go to a sound levels application during a song, it risks stopping playback. If anything jeopardises Presenter being the foreground App, this can happen, and it;s annoying and limits the use of the computer. I tried a second computer on the same iCloud account to avoid this, but then handoff kicked in and also stopped the playback. How do others get round all this apart from having lots of computers (for which our vision mixing unit is too small!)
Posted by David
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