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Under Consideration

Global non-latin Character Font

October 21, 2019
I like to thank Worship Extreme team for such an amazing software. We use it at our church. The members are amazed! Thank you.

We are a Chinese language mixed church, sometimes we have chinese lyrics.

The template feature currently allows fonts set for English lyrics. I wonder if there could be a global option for a font for non-latin characters.

This can be a global setting that whenever a Chinese character is displayed it chooses that font.

Right now, if we choose a english font for all our lyrics, the chinese character will be displayed in Windows or Mac default font. It has no trouble displaying it, but a special gloal setting for any non-latin charaters to have a font, would be really really nice.

Thank you!

Posted by John
October 24, 2019
Hi John- Is this special font something you can share with us? If so, send it to and our team will take a look.
Posted by Adam
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