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Text Editor - Spacing

June 26, 2017
Hey guys, I got the free version last week and used it on the friday service and works and looks great! So far I have one suggestion for you.
You could add some formatting features in the text editor like spacing (vertical space between lines) and letter spacing (kerning). Sometimes some fonts are easily to read with more letter spacing (like lyrics at bethel church)
Posted by Lucas
June 28, 2017
Thanks Lucas- We do have this planned for a future update.
Posted by Adam
September 20, 2017
This has been added to Worship Extreme in version 4.17.2.  Thanks for the suggestion!
Posted by Adam
June 28, 2020
Worship Extreme in version 4.17.2.? How? We can't find line spacing option in latest version. Can you send us a video showing how we can do this?
Posted by Mark
June 28, 2020
In the song editor, "Advanced" tab, "Letter Spacing". This feature is only for songs and scripture. It's not available under "Slides".
Posted by Adam
June 30, 2020

This should also be an option for slides too. Please make it uniform across the entire application. The same should be true for the Android app with option to only show current slide just like on the regular stage display.
Posted by Mark
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