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Song Select Reporting

June 18, 2019
I notice that there is a new feature to export a report of the songs you have used for Song Select. I went to check it out and only found five songs reported for a 5 month period. I think I have figured out the problem, though... I do not create a new cue each week, I re-use the cue from last week. It appears that the report is based on cues that are present rather than when the songs were actually imported into a cue. I wonder if there is a way to change this up so that I don't have to keep a list of cues.
Posted by William
June 18, 2019
Hi William- You can create a new cue list for each week and choose to copy the previous week's cues on creation. You'll see the option under "Copy Existing".

You can also archive old cue lists if you don't want them to show in the list after a service has past.
Posted by Adam
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