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Under Consideration

Lyric Output for Live Streaming

August 31, 2017
We would like to have a way to output lyrics to put on our live streams.  It would be nice to have just the words and be able to chroma key them in on our streaming software.  It could be implemented as another display like the stage display, or our software could even take in just a web page as a source.  So, it could be as simple as giving me a url I could point to and it would just have the text of the slide on it with a transparent background.  Then I could overlay the text on the bottom of the stream and the words would change when the worship extreme operator changes to the next slide.  Or, maybe an API that we could hook into that would allow me to grab the text of the current slide and write my own html/css backend?
Posted by Michael
March 17, 2020
Please can we have this.
Posted by Trisha
March 17, 2020
This can currently be done using the main output. Adding multiple outputs isn't possible at this time with Worship Extreme.
Posted by Adam
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