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Cannot see existing data after new installation

November 18, 2019
I've just bought a new PC and installed WE onto it. After I logged into it using my existing Google account, my cue list, song database, and media library are all empty. How do I get my existing cloud data to sync onto my new PC? I've already confirmed that it is connected to the internet (or else I wouldn't even be able to login). Thanks for your help!
Posted by Gideon
November 18, 2019
Hi Gideon-

On a computer with Worship Extreme 2019 currently installed, upgrade that computer to Worship Extreme 2020, the migration will run and all your data will be moved to Worship Extreme 2020.

If you don't have the ability to upgrade a computer running Worship Extreme 2019, email our support team and we can send you a link to download Worship Extreme 2019 for your new computer.
Posted by Adam
November 19, 2019
Yes that resolved my problem. Thanks for the quick response Adam!
Posted by Gideon
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