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How do I connect Worship Extreme directly to OBS without a second monitor?

June 12, 2020

This is a question that has been asked before. However, no satisfactory solutions have been presented for me. The problem lies in the fact that worship extreme absolutely requires a second monitor, making it cumbersome for someone who simply wants to stream the display on OBS.

Work-arounds I've seen involve plugging in an HDMI to VGA adapter to trick windows into thinking there's a second monitor. Another one was to buy a dummy HDMI plug for the same thing. I only have one HDMI out port on my system which is already in use so these solutions won't work without me having to start purchasing plugs and adapters.

What is the solution to this, if any? It seems like such an oversight for an otherwise excellent and elegant program.

Thanks in advance.
Posted by Climbers
July 13, 2020
Hi Climbers.
What is your setup please?
Posted by Andy
21 hours ago
Have you explored wireless display options, such as using a Roku or Chromecast? You could extend your desktop to those devices and possibly use a screen capture in OBS.
I've also heard of a program called spacedesk that may be able to do this as well. I haven't really explored it yet to confirm though.
Posted by Tim
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