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Select All In Media

November 1, 2018
When applying tags to numerous new media items it becomes tedious selecting each individual media item. 
Posted by Nathaniel
November 1, 2018
At the top of your media library, next to "Import Media", use the toggle to change to the list view.  In the list view, check all the media you would like to modify and scroll to the bottom.  Use the "Add tag" or "Remove tag" buttons.
Posted by Adam
December 27, 2018
Hi Adam,

 I think I understand what Nathaniel is asking for and I agree. when in List View there is no way to "Select All" you can check as many as you want  but sometimes "select all" would be very handy
Posted by Justin
January 14, 2020
"Select All" checkbox has been added in Worship Extreme 2020.
Posted by Adam
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