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Alpha Channel (Translucent Backgrounds)

April 22, 2020
Issue 1:
I would like to have a 50% opacity gray box in the lower third to which I add hymn text for example. This seems to work fine within Worship Extreme. However, when I output to OBS and use the color key to get rid of the black (to see my video input), this also removes the gray box since it's a derivative of black. Ideas?

Issue 2:
If I create an animated lower third graphic (Pastor's Name, etc.) in After Effects or Premiere and import into Worship Extreme, I'm again left with a black background. Part of this lower third is a semi-transparent gray color which again would get removed with the color key in OBS. Ideas?
Posted by Patrick
April 23, 2020
Worship Extreme currently doesn't support alpha channel. Try running your video feed through Worship Extreme and use OBS just to capture the Worship Extreme output.
Posted by Adam
May 2, 2020
What we do, is create a bright green background and use it for all of our lyric backgrounds. Then in OBS we add a chroma key filter to the source that is displaying the lyrics and select green as the key color type and mess around with the Similarity until it looks good. We went with this instead of using black as we ran into the same problem you had with the grey box being removed.
Posted by Mark
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