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Music stand past set lists

May 25, 2021
As a user of Music stand, I have created about 6 set lists in total so far. When I go to “See All” set lists and “Past Set lists”, I can only see one past set list. I was hoping to look back and see which key I had chosen on previously used songs. I only use the phone and tablet app. Is there a way to see all past set lists ever created by my account?
Posted by Amy
May 26, 2021
Hi Amy- That's how you see all past lists. Please verify you are creating new set lists and not editing the same one each week.
Posted by Adam
June 4, 2021
Hello, I have recently started using music stand. I'm a bit confused by the past setlist feature. Is it possible to choose when a setlist becomes a "past" setlist? I created a setlist, which worked well for rehearsal, but had disappeared into "past" and took a while to find on the Sunday morning!
Posted by Stephen
June 4, 2021
Hi Steve, it will be moved to"past" based on the service date you set when you create it.
Posted by Adam
June 5, 2021
Hi Sorry, can't find the right place to post this but I need help. Just opened my laptop to sort set list for tomorrow only to find I had to update worship extreme, which I did. Now it has set me up with a new account and all previous set lists are lost, I can't find them anywhere... Please someone help me?
Posted by Andy
June 7, 2021
Hi Andy, please send troubleshooting questions to Please provide your log-in email address so that we can find your accounts to see what's going on.
Posted by Joann
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