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Imported Jpeg not showing

January 25, 2019
I imported four jpegs into my media library with the intent of creating slides.  All imported correctly - I can see them in the library with Info button giving size, etc. I go to create Slides feature and add +New slides. I insert the first jpeg into the slide and I can see it perfectly. In the column to the right it is displayed as well. 
I go to the second slide, repeat the process with the second jpeg. This time, however, there is no image displaying in the slide - instead there is a small icon in the center. The right column, though, displays the image just fine. I save the slide presentation and insert it into the cue list. Launch the presentation: the first slide shows image on my monitor 2. The second slide shows the icon.
Can anyone give me some help on troubleshooting this problem.
Posted by Bob
January 26, 2019
The icon in the editor means that it is a video and not an image.  If you know it's an image, send our support team a message and we'll take a look.
Posted by Adam
January 26, 2019
I have checked the image and it is a jpeg. Even resampled using GIMP to a smaller size but still no luck. I sent a post to WE support but have not heard back.  (Apologies to you Adam - I referred to you as Andy). Trying to get these up before our service tomorrow (Sunday). If anybody else is having this problem or has a suggestion please let me know. Thanks!!!
Posted by Bob
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