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Keyboard shortcuts

October 23, 2016
Can additional keyboard shortcuts added. A shortcut for clear foreground would be useful.
Posted by Chris
October 26, 2016
Thanks for the post!  This is something we can add.  What key would your recommend?
Posted by Adam
May 27, 2017
Based on the current shortcuts, I think the most logical would be the F11 key, since F12 is clear all. Maybe F10 for clear background too, though I can't see that being used often enough to need a shortcut.
Posted by Christopher
August 31, 2017
Also the ability to have keyboard shortcuts for selecting verses e.g 1 for verse 1 etc
Posted by Burnside
December 12, 2017
Keyboard shortcuts added for clearing foreground and background individually (F10/F11) in version 4.18.2.
Posted by Adam
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