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Under Consideration

Ability to store songs in a group ex. songbook, category

January 22, 2020
First, thanks worship extreme for the amazing work. We really like the feel and look of your software and we would implement it soon in our church.

I would like to have an ability to group songs. Currently when importing songs they all display in a list.
I would like to see the songs tab in a similar structure of a directory tree. So we can group songs from a particular song book in a category/directory.

Posted by Daniel
February 1, 2020
An alternative grouping method is to add Tags to be consistent with Media and Cue Lists. This allows a song to be included in multiple groups.

I would also like to see similar for Slides.
Posted by John
February 3, 2020
I strongly support the ability to add tags as with media. This would be particularly useful for churches that create liturgy slides as songs - currently, the only way to identify these is by using a prefix to the song title.
Posted by Alastair
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