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Adding chords / Chord Song Book

October 20, 2017
How about the option to add & edit chords that connect with displayed song lyrics. Could possibly work as a paid add on but can see this would not be an easy integration as it stands. So perhaps the 'Worship Extreme Song Book' software!
I can't find anything that is just a really good digital song book; cloud based for easy file sharing; displays across WiFi/Bluetooth for live use; formats for printing well; cross platform (i.e. cloud based) with iOS/tablet app support; integrates/imports from SongSelect...
Most out there are either trying to do too much and therefore become unnecessarily complicated and clunky or are too basic and don't for example format for printing very well.... you get the point. I still find OpenSong does the best job of this (especially formatting for printing) but being open source means it's not pretty; is quite buggy and file sharing is a pain especially with non-techie members of the team. Based on how good Worship Extreme is I recon you'd do a fab job!!
Plus I'd happily run a completely separate app if it did the job well. 
Posted by Dave
January 25, 2019
I'm agree, is a useful utility present the chords in display stage.
Posted by Oscar
July 21, 2019
Would love to see this as well. Do we know if chords will be in the roadmap anytime soon?
Posted by Kevin
August 29, 2019
We too would love to move away from OpenSong because it is buggy but are stuck because musicians need the ability to store and print songs for rehearsal from database. We would love this feature even as a reasonably priced add-on.
Posted by David
September 27, 2019
is the intent for it to be displayed on the stage display? I could see this beneficial for our musicians.
Posted by Avalon Alliance
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