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Bible Translations

February 3, 2017
Does Worship Extreme have the New Living Translation available, or do you have any plans to make it available?
Jeff Collins
Posted by Jeffrey
February 3, 2017
Yes, we are working to add more translations and New Living is on the list.  We don't have it available yet, hopefully soon.
Posted by Adam
February 8, 2017
is the new english standard version on that list as well?
Posted by Theresa
February 8, 2017
Yes, we are very close on ESV.
Posted by Adam
February 9, 2017
NASB would be much appreciated as well
Posted by kim
February 12, 2017
Is there a way to just sync Worship Extreme with Bible Gateway? We are looking for the Good News Translation personally, but I thought that might make it easier.
Posted by Fred
February 16, 2017
Amplified Bible would be awesome as well
Posted by Auson
February 20, 2017
Any plans on the spans Reina Valera 1960?
Posted by Isai
February 27, 2017
ESV is now available.  You can add it to your account at  We are still working on getting permission for others.  Thanks!
Posted by Adam
March 10, 2017
NLT is now available. You can add it to your account at  Thanks!
Posted by Adam
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