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Background for Song List

November 16, 2018
Is there a way to save a background to a song so that when you select a song from the Song List the song is already formatted with the background or must you add a background each time you pull the song from the Song List?
Posted by Melissa
January 8, 2019
great to hear that this feature is on the future release list. I think that the best way to do it would be to add a little checkbox when you add a song to a cue that says "Save this background as the default for this song" that way you can decide. Then the next time you open the song it will default to the previous background, of course if you decide you could always update the background, and decide if that would be the new future default for that song instead of the black. 

Perhaps in the interim WorshipExtreme could be setup to have a default for all songs. Such as choosing a particular motion background for all new songs added to a cue list instead of the current black layer. Then in the future the software could be programmed to allow for songs to be attached to background in the database. 

Love the software!
Posted by Hector
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