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Under Consideration

Webbased Worship Extreme App

September 6, 2016
I personally like to have the application on my Mac to work with.
But some churchmembers hesitate to install. To make all necessary homework in the browser could be interesting and convincing for them.
Posted by Kurt
September 8, 2016
Thanks for the suggestion!  What functionality would you like to see in a web version?  Editing songs and cue lists? Ability to do full presentations?

Posted by Adam
December 17, 2016
@Adam, everything you mentioned would be awesome, actually :)  For me, it would be great to be able to put together a full "service" at home, then go to church on Sunday morning and have it already synced to the computer at the church. I know I can download the app and use the cloud sync options (i think?), but since I primarily run Linux when away from the rest of the world, it'd be awesome to be able to at the very least setup a service on a web page.

My two cents.
Posted by Myk
December 17, 2016
Thanks for the post and input!  Yes, you're correct.  You can download the app on any computer and create presentations.  Everything will sync with the cloud and can be used later at church.  Thanks again!
Posted by Adam
December 18, 2016
Hello Adam. A presentation preview would be fine. Editing songs and cue lists - yes!! 
Posted by Kurt
February 17, 2017
WE is already better than most other packages in that it can run on both Windows and Mac. I suppose this covers the vast majority of users. However, adding in a web-based interface and/or a Linux one would be great for those of us who aren't using Windows or Mac. I currently run WE on a virtual machine running Windows 10, which is fine and works, but I'd prefer not to.

A web-based app would also be useful for those who need access to WE but who don't own a computer - though again perhaps it's a small percentage of potential users.

If (and I realise it's a big 'if', with many other excellent features to implement) a Linux app was considered, then I would recommend looking into the AppImage project ( which seems to be a much quicker and easier way to distribute software to the Linux platforms.
Posted by Chris
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