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stage display

December 11, 2017
is there a way of configuring the stage display look
I would like to give people with reading difficulties an iPad to be able to read the words easier but at present it displays both the current verse of a song and the next verse
Or alternatively we could setup a separate display for them- but would like it to just show the current verse
We can dedicate the stage display to them because we don't make use of an actual stage display, people on stage prefer to see a copy of the main projector.
Posted by Daniel
December 12, 2017
Thanks Dan.  We are planning some enhancements to the Stage Display that will make it more customizable.  Feel free to add your thoughts to this thread.
Posted by Adam
February 8, 2018
Few thoughts:
1. Would like to be able to keep all lyrics the same size for current verse and next verse. 
2. Time countdown for stage display only. 
3. Ability to have videos actually play rather than just a still screen. 
Posted by Josiah
November 6, 2018
I was very excited to see the stage display with next cue/item preview.   It would be really beneficial if the stage view preview were configurable.  Some ideas:  allow the clock to be removed or moved or layered on top to allow more lyric space;  allow the size of the current & next cue/item to be adjusted; have the preview only show the first or first and second line of the next cue/item;  allow the next cue/item area to be in a corner of the screen as it can be in ProPresenter.
Posted by Randy
February 28, 2019
Please add more settings to stage display.
Posted by Peter
April 19, 2019
Would be nice to have alert on Stage display a different colour so it stands out like on the iOS app. So far the changes made to the stage display are great. I always look forward to the improvements you make with your updates. Thanks
Posted by Avalon Alliance
May 24, 2019
I would prefer if the videos also played on Stage Display. Is this under consideration?
Posted by Geoff
May 30, 2019
It's not at this time. Feel free to post it under the feature suggestions forum.
Posted by Adam
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