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Templates for Stage Display

June 8, 2019
We currently use the stage display for our Sunday Services but we have a big problem using it for the power point presentation during the sermon. What we would really like is to have the stage display simply showing the current slide in full screen (the same as on the main front projector) but the software doesn't seem to have the capacity to do that.

Our current solution is to edit the Stage Display layout so that it only contains the "Current slide" box, and maximize the size of it so that it fills the screen. This works perfectly, but the problem is, we have to do this manually during the service (at the start of the sermon) and then change it back to the layout we use for songs straight afterwards.

It would therefore be really helpful if we could save templates for the stage display so that we could easily switch between one for the sermons and one for the songs (or indeed any other layout that we might like to use at another time).
Posted by Toby
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