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Integrate Planning Center Online

September 16, 2016
The ability to have worship plans available and ready for the projection team via PCO. This ability is already a part of a lot of your competitors programs. Really this is the only reason i cant get my pastor to upgrade to one of your monthly plans. We just started using you for our youth group since we switched over to Mac. Had been using SongShow plus for years but they are not cross platform compatible. We had considered going back to MediaShout but had had trouble with their software in the past. Love how easy you made everything!! You guys built a top notch product!! Hope PCO integration comes sooner than later cause it would make things even easier for us!! Thanks again!!
Posted by Chad
September 18, 2016
Thanks for the post Chad!  This is in the works!  We have a few other items that need to be completed first, but we have this scheduled for one of the next big additions.
Posted by Adam
December 5, 2018
Posted by Adam
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