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Worship Extreme Display Settings Reset

January 30, 2021
With COVID causing so many problems for most churches, Worship Extreme and it's ability to allow people to edit a presentation from home, and pull it up at the Church is amazing. The question I have is that when we start Worship Extreme at the church, the second screen keeps resetting to Off. Before COVID caused most churches to go online, our Audio Visual Group would mainly edit at the church.

I'm wondering if the fact that we keep using the same account amongst multiple people, with multiple computers causes the "main" computer at the church to forget the settings for the Display output. I think this is also causing problems with OBS not wanting to accept the HDMI capture on our second streaming computer.

Is there a way to fix it so that a certain computer remembers display settings for an account, despite that account also logging in from a different computer that does not have a second display?
Posted by Audio Visual
February 1, 2021
The screen configuration is saved to the local computer, not synced with the cloud. Other computers using Worship Extreme won't affect this.

Our support team can look into this for your specific situation, email us at
Posted by Adam
February 5, 2021
Our computer is defaulting to the Main Screen Off, and there is no way to turn it on. The main display toggle, though it has a hand cursor, is not responsive.

What might be a fix for this?
Posted by Marcus
February 11, 2021
Under your screen configuration, make sure you have a Display selected for "Main Audience Output".
Posted by Adam
October 19, 2021
We have tried configuring the display but it hasn't worked only shows "main display off", even after selecting Main Audience Output
Posted by Light
October 19, 2021
There are two different "on" functions that control the projection to the screens. It's likely that you have one turned on and not the other. Check out this article for more details:

If that's not it, please send a screenshot and a short description of what's going on to and we're happy to take a closer look.
Posted by User
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