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NDI Support - for Lyrics overlay

March 2, 2020
I've recently been researching NDI and finding more ways to integrate things into our church's OBS livestream. And I think NDI Support would be a great addition to Worship Extreme. It looks like Easy Worship build something into their software to do this: I don't know exactly what it would entail but Imagine capturing the foreground and sending just that channel to an additional NDI output (not projector or stage display) would work. Or building it in as a feature of the stage display. Again I don't really know much more than that but it would certainly be awesome to be able to pull just the lyrics from within WE and use on a live stream.
Posted by Justin
April 3, 2020
Yeah, it would be great help for us. Please add it guys.
April 10, 2020
100% agree
Posted by Justin
April 11, 2020
Totally agree.. =D
Posted by ALI
April 25, 2020
+1 vote from me
Posted by Henry
May 10, 2020
With transparent background.
May 13, 2020
Why build something into worship extreme, which is easily available with another free tool?

We use OBS + the NDI add in to achieve just this very feature!
We display the worship extreme slide on a monitor, this monitor gets recorded with OBS and with the NDI interface of OBS, we send it out to the other OBS desktop responsible for the live-stream. There we apply a greenscreen / chroma key filter. (worship extreme and power point gets a green background)

Such a feature would only make sense, if worship extreme would support transparancies / alpha channels.
Given it would support transparancies, the NDI feature is limited to worship text. Our sermon presentations are made with power point and exporting transparancies out of Power Point (right click save as PNG picture for every slide) is not practical.

The chroma key has the drawback of not beeing allowed to use green in the sermon presentation. One could change green to any other colour.

So I would only see advantages of this feature, if one would want to display worship texts in all colours of the rainbow and send this out via NDI. Changing the chroma key in OBS to any other colour is easily possible, also during the live stream using different scenes. (eg. for different songs different colours, ...)

So I'm sorry but I don't see the point [yet]...
Posted by Streaming
May 13, 2020
Hi Streaming?

I totally get what you're saying but you just said it yourself

"Such a feature would only make sense, if worship extreme would support transparencies / alpha channels."

I understand that in the context of your sermon presentations it's not practical. But I see being able to handle just the worship text as an independent NDI source very valuable. In my case I prefer a much smaller font for our livestream than what we're outputting to either our Project or our Stage Display. using NDI Scan Converter simply let's me capture the whole screen as is. I'd prefer to have more options (hence this post).

I too use OBS and am currently capturing my WE output and using keys to eliminate unwanted content. But it would very nice to able to pull in the text as it's own NDI source separate from the actual slides.

Anyways... Hope you're staying healthy during the quarantining period :)
Posted by Justin
May 13, 2020
In an ideal world where you have a permanent install and a nice desktop with multiple monitors, then sure, maybe NDI isn’t really a priority? However, I’m the “tech” guy at a mobile church, which is currently doing online services only, so I’m running this whole thing on my laptop from our pastor’s living room. OBS plus Worship Extreme. I’ve found a workaround by using a dummy HDMI plug to “fool” my computer into thinking there’s a second display connected. But an NDI output would surely remove some headache...and the need for the dummy HDMI.
Posted by Justin
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