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On The Fly Bible Verse Lookup

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May 13, 2019
Maybe I am just not using WE correctly, but it seems that the only way to add a bible verse is to add one while creating a cue list. At my church, the Pastor does not have pre-planned verses. He may read from Exodus or he may read from Revelation. He may read one verse and he may read a whole chapter. I need a way for our video dept. to quickly (within a couple seconds) look up a verse and follow along with the Pastor on the fly. We are currently using Video Psalm due to it having this ability. In Video Psalm I don't have to add a bible verse to a slide, I can just look the verse up, click it and it displays. Then I can just arrow down through as many verses as the Pastor wants to read. This is one of the reasons I could not switch to WE at this time. Am WE actually have this feature and I am just not seeing it? Thanks.
Posted by Michael
November 12, 2019
This was added to Worship Extreme in version 4.40 earlier this year.
Posted by Adam
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