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Song not playing on one specific computer?

June 13, 2019
Yes, yet again another question from me! We are liking this program a lot, but having a few small issues.
The question I have right now is that I set up the whole service between my personal laptop and the church's computer (a desktop). Our tech guy that runs the program on Sunday will go over the program during the week to double check everything looks and works ok (from his personal laptop). The problem happens when we try to run it from our church laptop. Last week, two songs wouldn't work. They won't even load onto the slide even though it is in our media files. Can you help us with this, this issue will determine if we are able to continue to use this program and I hope we can.
Posted by sandy
June 13, 2019
Hi Sandy- Send an email to our support team and we will help diagnose the issue, support@worshipextreme.com.
Posted by Adam
June 13, 2019
Ok, thanks.
Posted by sandy
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