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Fix Countdown Time Sync

July 11, 2018
I've noticed that over longer periods, the countdown time drifts from the system time.  An example is we had a New Year's Eve lock-in for the teens, and I had to restart the countdown every couple hours to keep it somewhat close to the actual time. I know that this is an issue with "countdown to time", though I have not tested with the other modes.  

Also as a bonus request, could seconds be added to "countdown to time"?  We don't always start service at the top of a minute (due to the needed timing to cut to our live feed at the right time).  We might start 1:30 late/early as an example.

Posted by Tyler
August 26, 2019
Any update on fixing the timer synch?
Posted by Westhill
August 26, 2019
This will be fixed in 4.43.5. It's planned for release this week.
Posted by Adam
August 26, 2019
Excellent! Thanks.
Posted by Westhill
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