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Scripture during breaks in a song

September 2, 2018
I would like to show a scripture slide during song instrumental sections. However, since the styles are set by the song and not by the slide, the scriptures look just like the lyrics which makes people think they should sing the scripture. Also, adding a scripture means I have to actually add it to the song rather than just insert a special slide into the song just for the set. 

Am I missing a better way to change the look/feel of a single slide during a song, and is there a way to add a scripture slide in the middle of a song without adding to the actual song in the database?
Posted by Drew
March 28, 2019
The way I would do that is to enter the song into the cue list twice, with the scripture in between. Then use the custom slide order in the song to set whichever sections you want to sing before and after the scripture.
Posted by Gideon
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