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February 3, 2019
So I noticed that when I upload a powerpoint to the cloud from another computer, as I usually set things up from home, that when I go to the church and load the cue I can't launch it using powerpoint as it's not downloaded, which I understand is a requirement as it's just stills. I'm wondering instead of forcing me to go to the media tab and force download the file, if when clicking the launch with powerpoint if it could auto download the first time, or possibly always sync powerpoint presentations?

Also wondering when launching PowerPoint then ending the session once done the output screen goes black. I'm wondering if you can click on the title slide then it launches and when it comes back to worship extreme would remember the slide it was on. Today I was running the WE App and before I ended the powerpoint session I clicked the last slide (title slide) and it didn't go blank.


Posted by Avalon Alliance
February 4, 2019
Thanks for the post.  Are you using Windows in both locations?
Posted by Adam
February 9, 2019
Mac at home, PC at Church.

Posted by Avalon Alliance
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