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Not saving Cue List Changes

April 22, 2021
I’m fairly new to Presenter but I’ve been using it for several weeks now and this is the first time I’m running into this problem. The program is not saving any changes that I make on my next cue list. It has saved the songs I entered on Music Stand, but only that. I had added backgrounds and additional slides to the cue but those all disappeared the next time I logged on. I thought changes were saved automatically but it appears not for this particular week. I tried this several times over the last couple of days and no changes. Any suggestions?
Posted by Jennifer
April 24, 2021
I'm having this exact same issue. Our worship leader starts creating the cue list through Music Stand in order to get the right keys and songs. Then I create the presentation around those songs. I haven't been able to save the cue across different computers or on the same computer. Oddly enough, the media files save across computers. This is the seconed week I've had this problem.
Posted by Justin
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