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Song translation layout defined in template

January 22, 2020
We're a dutch church and we are used to project all lyrics dual language, when the current language of the song has a more primary layout than the translation (e.g. smaller, different font, maybe different line background color).

Recently you've developed the functionality to change the layout per line in the song editor, but we'd like to define the layout on a more global level, in the template editor. I understand that would have a significant impact, because right now you can't store another language of the song, but I'm sure you find a pretty intelligent solution for it.
Posted by David
August 12, 2020
Being able to create a template for dual language would be awesome. What I would be looking for is to have every other line in an alternative format. Example:

English lyric line 1 (white, regular, size 56)
Dutch lyric line 1 (yellow, italic, size 50)
English lyric line 2 (white, regular, size 56)
Dutch lyric line 2 (yellow, italic, size 50)

This would work for antiphon songs as well.
Posted by Peter
August 12, 2020
That’s exactly what I ment, thanks Peter!
Posted by David
August 28, 2020
Yes that would be awesome. As a German Church we need it, too! For us it would even be enough, if, when you switch from "template" to "none" it would keep the current setting from template and you could change the parameters you like.
Posted by Manuel
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