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Backing Up Our Work

March 19, 2021
Many of us have put in dozens of hours into our slides and presentations. I know they are automatically save, which is great. I also know that there is no guarantee that our work will be saved. As it says in your TOS: THE SERVICES AND SOFTWARE ARE PROVIDED “AS IS”, AT YOUR OWN RISK, WITHOUT EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OR CONDITION OF ANY KIND.

Therefore, I would like to make a backup of my work. I'm not sure if that would mean downloading a zip file or some other method, but since we are responsible for protecting our work, we should be given a method for doing so.
Posted by Barry
March 24, 2021
This should probably be submitted as a feature request.

A simple undo option would be great in a few places too.
or to be able to set some slides as read-only one they're done.

It's to easy to make big changes to a slide in progress (especially when setting colours), and not have a copy to go back to
Posted by Ian
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