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video on the screen lags

November 6, 2016

I have a problem when I trying any videos in the program, everythin goes smoothly only on the computer (in the view) but when the computer is hooked to a projector, video on the screen lags. Whether it is a video from youtube or video offline, on-screen the voice is ok, but the video lags. With another program every goes smoothly, but when we turn to "worship extreme" movies do not go smoothly.

Is there any chance to add any drivers or update?
Posted by Artur
November 6, 2016
Thanks for the post!  A few things to check:

- Make sure your output resolution is correct.
- Try lowering your output resolution.
- Try disabling the in program preview window. "Settings" > "Screen Configuration" > "Preview".

All these things will reduce the gpu power needed to render the output.
Posted by Adam
November 12, 2020
hi, I'm also getting this problem, even on a brand new macbook pro (although it's also streaming out via obs at the same time. one of the solutions you give is to disable preview - it doesn't seem to be possible to do that now - is there another way
Posted by Aron
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