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Remote Access

January 28, 2017
Since this is a cloud based program, can I control presentations (I have the pro plus version) from my mobile devices at a different location from the computer that I use to build my presentations? In other words, do I need to be near my iMac in order for the remote apps to work?
Posted by Jeffery
January 29, 2017
Yes, you can!  You do not need to be near the computer at all.  The remote app works over the internet, so you just need to be somewhere in the world with an internet connection.
Posted by Adam
May 17, 2020

So, to confirm, I could create a cue list on my computer and display lyrics with someone on a different network using the remote app to change slides? This would be most excellent! That way, I could set up a cue list of songs I want to lead, mix the WE lyrics with OBS for streaming and someone in another house could select the lyrics to keep up with what I’m playing.
Posted by Paul
May 18, 2020
That's correct. The remote app doesn't need to be connected to the same network. Both devices need to be on the internet.
Posted by Adam
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