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Timing Cues for Worship Team Printout

November 11, 2019
Currently we are able to print out a schedule of cue information that only details the length of animation or auto advancing criteria. If I could customize the timing of each cue to our preference, that would help our team out quite a bit.
Posted by Linwood Blvd. SDA
November 12, 2019
Would this be the time in length each element in a service is expected to be?
Posted by Adam
November 12, 2019
For instance, we have a praise and worship cue that comes up. Before we print out the cue schedule, I'd like to be able to manually put in that the Praise and Worship time will be, for example, 10 minutes. Since we can't currently do this through WE our pastor has to create a separate email with the schedule of times that takes on a format like the following example below.

Worship Through Preparation
Personal Ministries Elder Deroughous Larry [5 Min.] [11:00-11:05 a.m.]
Announcements Pastor Joseph Ikner [5 Min.] [11:06-11:11 a.m.]
Garden of Prayer Congregation [4 Min.] [11:12-11:16 a.m.]
Posted by Linwood Blvd. SDA
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