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Go back to first slide in Auto Advanced settings does not work

October 14, 2019
I am trying to create a loop on a cue composed of slides. I have set the first few slides to 5 seconds for "Go to the next slide after" and on the last slide "When Complete" is set to ""When Complete".

The "Go back to first slide" settings found under the "When Complete" for "Auto Advance" does not work. When it reaches the last slide it does not go back to the first slide
Posted by Mark
October 15, 2019
You may have it set up differently, but it works on my end. I go into "Slides", create a new set of slides, add all the slides to that set and save it. Then, go back to the main cue, select "Create new cue", select "Slides" in foreground, select the set of slides that was just created, select 5 seconds under "Go to next slide after", under "When complete" select "Go back to first slide". You can then select "Launch" or click the newly created cue to see it go.

The only way I can see it not working is if you created one slide per cue...that won't work. In order for it to work you basically are creating a presentation under "Slides" with multiple slides. The cue plays that presentation at the intervals that you desire. Unfortunately, the intervals are set at the same time for each slide.
Posted by Tim
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