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Add color options for slides

May 13, 2019
When you select the CUE LIST, you're able to go into a thumbnail view of slides.

When I make a Lyric set, I only display 2 lines at a time so that it makes it easy for the congregation to follow along. But this makes my set to have a lot of slides.

I'd like to be able to CHANGE THE COLOR OF THE TITLE BLOCKS of Verses, Chorus, Bridge, etc. Currently, they are all the same color in terms of title block. When we have a lot, it's hard to find the Chorus right away during a live set.

It would be easier to find sections of the song if I'm able to color code the slides' title block.
Posted by Anthony
May 13, 2019
In the lyrics editor, use the "Slide Label" dropdown to select a color for the slide. It's in the toolbar, next to "Template".
Posted by Adam
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