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Stage Display App and Google Slides

February 19, 2019
Is there any way to resolve the issue with the Stage Display app and syncing the google slides without any manual re-syncing on either the app or the main software? For some reason the Stage display loads the first 2 slides but does not move on with the actual slides at all.

We are using an iPad Pro as our Stage Display and fully updated iOS. This is also true with Android devices too.

Further to this it appears that the Google slides are displayed on the same line rather than the now and next slide format that works for lyrics. Could it be possible to do the same for Google Slides?
Posted by Lawrence
March 11, 2019
Many of these notes where resolved in our latest Remote update for ios and Android (released last week). Once you have a chance to update, please post back your feedback if any item is still missing. Thanks!
Posted by Adam
March 11, 2019
Thank you Adam for your response and yes we have noticed that these changes have taken affect after the latest updates.
Posted by Lawrence
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