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Using "Import Media" function is only pointing to the source of media, not importing to local Worship Extreme Library- what am I doing wrong?

May 7, 2020
I'm using Worship Extreme on a different machine than originally, now using an older Windows 7 machine. Does the "Import Media" function not work on Windows 7? It leaves the file path in Worship Extreme as pointing to the original source. I'm trying to import media from thumb drive, but after I remove the drive, the media shows the error "background media is unavailable."
Posted by Todd
May 8, 2020
The media must be copied to the computer before import if you are planning on removing the drive.
Posted by Adam
May 9, 2020
Ok, thanks. I had assumed from the start (relatively new user) that "import media" meant actually importing to the local Worship Extreme Library. Does this local Worship Extreme Library then just essentially store "links" to wherever the media is actually stored?
Posted by Todd
May 15, 2020
That's correct. You can upload the media to the cloud, then delete the local file, then redownload if needed.
Posted by Adam
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