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frequent issue with main display

June 7, 2021
Hello, I use a macbook pro using macOS catalina (10.15.7) and have frequent issues with the main display not be recognized. I'll know that I'm having the issue immediately when I launch the Presenter software and see the notice in the upper RH corner of the screen where it has the words "Main Display Off" in red letters and when I click the dropdown it shows that the screen is on. This leads me to struggle with the screen configuration settings for a considerable amount of time before suddenly it will start working. Often times the solution seems to be renaming the display from the default to something else, but even now, that fix is no longer working. I don't have any other mac computers to try this on but I do have a windows laptop and it does not seem to have this issue. So this leads me to believe the software is buggy in terms of recognizing the known good external monitors or projectors.

Also, in case it helps, I've used the same mac in several different locations which means several different projectors and external monitors and the problem follows me wherever I go. Again, I don't think it is the mac or the monitors or projectors. But I'm definitely open to being wrong.

Does anyone have similar issues? What did you do to solve?
Posted by Chris
June 10, 2021
Hi Chris- In your screen configuration, under Main Display, make sure you have a display selected, then press Save.
Posted by Adam
June 10, 2021
Thanks Adam for your advice. Yes, I've played extensively with all of the settings including the main display selections. One thing that I did notice, which seems to help, is that on the mac I need to make sure that the presenter software is maximized.
Posted by Chris
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