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Can the CCLI license be switched off in the footer or can it be replaced by another license specification?

August 30, 2021
When entering a CCLI number in the settings, it is shown in every song in the footer.

Some songs might be covered by another license, so it makes no sense to show the CCLI license # in that case.

There should be a way to define for each song whether it is necessary to show this or not.

A better feature is to replace the CCLI license the teh correct licens information.

Regards Arne
Posted by Arne
August 30, 2021
On the Settings page in Presenter, click "Footer" from the left. Your options there will be to delete your CCLI License Number – which will show the rest of the copyright info without your CCLI license number – or, change "Footer Location" to"Hidden." However, these settings will apply to all songs. Presenter doesn't support the exact functions you're asking for at this time.
Posted by User
August 30, 2021
I do also want to mention, if you have CCLI and another licensing company, you could type "#0000000 / OtherLicComp: #0000000" into the "CCLI License #" textbox, and Presenter will put all of what you typed into your Footer next to "CCLI:."

Then, when you project, the foot would appear as "CCLI: #0000000 / OtherLicComp: #0000000"

(Replace "OtherLicComp" with the actual name of your other license company, and #0000000 with your actual license numbers.)

If you don't have CCLI at all, just type your license company's name and number in that box. It will still say "CCLI" in front of it for now, but we'll work on getting some more options up there in the near future.
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