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Google Slides/Powerpoint Animations

June 29, 2017
I feel it necessary for animations within slides.
This has been an issue for a long while with both google slides and powerpoint. 
As worship extreme uploads powerpoint and google slides as images, it has bypassed the animations within slides which are purposely put there for effect.
I ask you kindly to add the animation feature for within slides, not just transitioning between them.
I feel the whole community of Worship Extremer's agree with me when i say, "This should have been a feature from the beginning" and is one of the downfalls of worship extreme.
Posted by Sandy Beach
June 29, 2017
Thanks for the post.  You can launch PowerPoint presentations with animations on Windows by clicking the "Launch with PowerPoint" button in the upper right of the cue containing the presentation.  That will run the presentation with PowerPoint giving you the full animations and other features unique to PowerPoint.
Posted by Adam
June 29, 2017
We don't actually own powerpoint, however, I thought we should give it a mention as it is part of the issue we have.

We use Google slides and we are unable to use any animations with it through Worship Extreme.
Could there please be a fix for this or an update which somehow solves this issue? Thanks! 
Posted by Sandy Beach
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