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Under Consideration

Slide note from Powerpoint (ppt) to be shown on stage display apps or remote apps

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October 28, 2019
Is it possible to add a section / features on the stage display apps or remote apps to load slide notes from power point (side by side).

Also need the ability to adjust the screen size (zoom in/out) on the remote. Some of the slide can look very similar and when you need to go back to previous slide, its hard to pick as the font is too small.

Posted by Alwin
May 12, 2020
I have a similar challenge!

I'd like to explain the situation a bit: We switched to WE very recently and decided to use it for the sermon as well as for worship. So it was intended to give us one tool for worship and sermon.
(we also bought the somewhat larger licence)

However we face the same issue. In difference to using PowerPoint for the sermon, the preacher can't see his notes anymore. Which results in using 2 PCs, one for the power point of the preacher and one for WE. This means, we have to add another resource (=team member), who clicks in a similar moment as the preacher.
However this results in avoidable human errors and adds avoidable effort (also management effort).

Maybe we should go back to pure PowerPoint (no WE) for the sermon to avoid such mistakes. On the other hand this might lead to program switching issues. So this isn't our preffered way either!

The best option would be:
WE shows Power Point notes in WE remote or on the third display (=Power Point "Presenter View") and preacher controls the slide forward / backward with a logitech presenter connected to the main presentation PC.
We basically need a presentation mode similar to Power Point. (current slide, next slide and power point notes)
Posted by Streaming
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